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Valley Forge Signal Seekers

Flying in Valley Forge National Historical Park
Since 1959

AMA Club# 575

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Field and Directions

VFSS Flying field is a members only flying field.  You must be a member of the club or a guest of a member with appropriate AMA and FAA credentials to fly.

Field Description

Our flying field is located inside Valley Forge park on North Valley Forge Road just as you enter the park. The field is open to the public who often come out to watch RC planes flying during the week and on weekends.

The Valley Forge Signal Seekers flying field boasts a smooth grass runway (approximately 475 ft long by 125 ft wide) with a flight-line that provides a beautiful view into the park. Our field is maintained by the VFSS RC Club and its members. No taxpayer dollars are used to maintain the site. Fixed-wing airplanes are flown off the main runway and Helicopter and Multi-rotor may be flown off the runway depending on air traffic, or flown from the dedicated helicopter pad to the left of our field information sign.

Field Flying Schedule

Electric Power Aircraft

Mon – Sun 7:00 AM to Dusk

Powered Aircraft (gas, glow, and turbine) 

Mon - Sat 9:00 AM to Dusk

- Sundays 1:00 PM to Dusk


Note: Our flying boundaries are denoted by the red line

-Click on the Map image for directions in google maps-