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Valley Forge Signal Seekers

Flying in Valley Forge National Historical Park
Since 1959

AMA Club# 575



Join Our Club!

Whether you are new to Remote Control (RC) Model Aviation or you have been flying RC models for some time 
we welcome you to visit our club and consider becoming a member.

Ready to become a member?  Just follow the steps below.


First Steps:
  1. Join the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).  The AMA Membership includes property and personal injury insurance coverage (see details on the AMA site), and is required to join our club
  2. Register your RC Model with the FAA (UAS Registration).  If you don’t yet have an RC Model, you can hold off on this step.
  3. Read and agree to follow the important Rules and Regulations that insure a safe and fun flying experience in the Valley Forge National Historic Park. You can find these important documents on our Flying Rules and Regulations page
Next Steps:
  1.  Contact Us via email and a club officer will reach out to you to assess your experience and walk through next steps and expectations.
  2. Experienced Pilots will require a ‘check-flight’
  3. Trainees will be granted a ‘Trainee’ membership and will not be able to fly solo until a ‘check-flight’ is passed

Member Benefits

If you are new to RC Model Aviation, we will continue to offer you training so that you can pass your Check Flight and feel confident in flying your plane solo (there’s always someone around who’s willing to spot you on your first solo flights).

In addition to flying at our field and enjoying the views of Valley Forge National Historic Park, our club hosts several types of social events each year (see the Home page for a full list).

  •  Fun-Fly Days
  •  Community Day
  •  Themed Flying Events
  •  Swap Meet
  • Quarterly Member Meetings

Membership Period and Types

Our membership period runs from January 1st thru December 31st.  We have several types of memberships available to new and existing members. All members must be AMA Members and have their planes registered with the FAA (Valley Forge Park Permit Requirement).

New Members

Type Description Age Cost Special Notes
Individual Adult Adult New Member 18 or Older $85 Requires Flight Check
Individual Youth Youth New Member less than 18 $35 Requires Flight Check and Parental/Guardian Attendance
Adult Trainee Adult in Training 18 or Older $85 Requires Trainer Plane
Youth Trainee Youth in Training less than 18 $35 Requires Trainer Plane
Parental/Guardian Attendance

Family Training New Family 18 or Older $110 Up to 5 Additional Family Members including youth are free (note: all members must be Flight Checked)

Membership Renewals and Non-flying Members

Type Description Age Cost Special Notes
Individual Adult Adult Member 18 or Older $85  
Individual Youth Youth Member less than 18 $35 Parental/Guidance Attendance
Family Family Member 18 or Older $110 Up to 5 Additional Family Members including youth are free
Non-Flying Non-Flying Social Member 18 or Older $50 Access to all club events and meetings